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The Netaudio Conference is leading the debate exploring the intersection of Internet, technology and cultural practices. It will bring together theorists, practitioners, activists and academics to address a challenging set of themes in 21st-century culture: politics, protest and sound; creativity and collaboration; and digital futures and analogue survivals. 

Audio in the Internet era will be the reference point for all of these discussions, but their scope will expand well beyond online music to consider the whole ecology of public spaces and the political interventions with which it interacts, and which shape every aspect of contemporary life.

The conference features participants from The Foundation for P2P Alternatives, Mute, UK Uncut, The Wire and a range of art and academic institutions.

The conference programme is presented in 3 strands. Each includes a key note address, followed by short presentations from each of the panelists.

Politics, Protest and Sound

This panel looks to explore the politics of sound, online communities and real-world interventions and the dynamics of the online/offline relationship. Is music culture / (post)-industry becoming effectively 'post-capitalist' in nature?  Are noise and improv by default anti-capitalist? What resistances and tensions does music carry within itself that provide potential tools for capitalism or a means for getting out of it? Speakers include:

Creativity and Collaboration in the Internet Era

This panel seeks to explore the impact of technology on creative collaborations and beyond. Does the peer to peer movement present a new condition of capitalism?  What modes of collective individuation exist and how are they different from general concepts of collectivity? Speakers include:

Digital Futures and Analogue Survivals

This panel seeks to examine how seemingly redundant technologies are being re-appropriated. What is the impact of new technologies on the production and consumption of music/sound? What does the digital future hold? Speakers include:

We have asked each of the speakers to submit a short written piece along the lines of what they will speak about. This should generate some food for thought in the week running up to the conference. Check the News section of the site for these texts and join our linkedin group to take part in the discussion.

The Netaudio conference is co-programmed by Jeremy Gilbert of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of East London. 

Sunday, 15 May, 11:30am - 6pm

Tickets: £10 or £5 concessions (full time education, unwaged and 11-25 members)

Venue: Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH