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Netaudio Ping Pong in Berlin - September 2008

Not content with taking Netaudio Ping Pong (tm) to various festivals and parties around the UK, we have now taken the opportunity to export our interactive game to Berlin for a week of one-off performances at some of the city's wonderful parties and venues.

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Netaudio Taster: 4th May 2008

Netaudio'08 presents its second Taster event on Sunday, 4th May 2008. As part of Futuresonic EVNTS, we are bringing our Ping Pong concept up north, right into the heart of Manchester.

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Netaudio Ping Pong @ Proud Galleries 16.10.2008

October 16th sees Flu vs Abstract Noun @ the Proud Galleries in Camden with a room hosted by Netaudio London featuring Netaudio Ping Pong.

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Netaudio Taster: 11th April 2008

Netaudio'08 presents its first Taster event on Friday, 11th April 2008. For the occasion we have prepare a special feat of networked creative production

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