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CTM in review

Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin.

Netaudio Berlin


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Netaudio Ping Pong @ Proud Galleries 20.11.2008

Time for a post festival Ping Ping session. We'll be heading back to Proud this Thurs to teach the Indie kids how to make Techno ;)

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Ping Pong in Ljubljana

Netaudio London hits the next destination on our year-long Ping Pong tour: On 9 June we will hook up with our friends in Ljubljana for the opening of SONICA.

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Netaudio Ping Pong at Netaudio'08

Netaudio'08 wouldn't be complete without one or two Netaudio Ping Pong sessions. You can catch them on Friday the 24th October - session times will be announced on the night.

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