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Cecilia Wee

Some thoughts from others for our next post compiled by Cecilia Wee, London-based artist writer, broadcaster and curator. 

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Netaudio London presents panel at FutureEverything

_How are you using the Internet for the creation and consumption of music?_ Together with Sound and Music we host a panel at FutureEverything to present our latest research into current user behaviour and evaluate what's coming next in the field of music facilitated by digital media.

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Anthony Iles

In the lead up to the NAL11 Conference this Sunday we present a series of thought provoking blog posts from the participating speakers. First in the series is by Antony Iles from Mute, an excerpt from the Noise and Capitalism book that he co-edited.

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Liliane Lijn

Liliane Lijn offers some thoughts on the origins of Power Game ahead of her keynote on the Digial futures and analogue survivals strand of our conference.



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