Half-Swedish/half British artist Leif is based in the UK. In the past few years, Leif has forged a reputation for his trademark sound – a blend that encompasses elements of deep / tech-house, vocal house, bleepy funk, delicate chord soundscapes and enough chicago-style shuffle to to keep the dancefloor moving…..

Since 2003, he’s accumulated releases and remixes on worldwide labels such as *Liebe*Detail, Moon Harbour, FINA, Morris Audio, Fear of Flying, Boe Recordings, Frankie recs, Thinner, Mindtours, Textone, Telegraph, Logistic* and of course his own label Trimsound; with more releases always in the pipeline….

Leif’s sound has taken him all over the world including Tokyo, London, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Franfurt, Amsterdam, Gothenburg and more. He’s known for his dancefloor-freindly DJ sets, which can span a wide variety of sounds from pure deep dubbyness through to jackin Chicago house / tech house and garage-infused beats.”