Jeremy Keenan

Keenan's practice has involved the independent production of sound art and music in both live and recorded contexts. His works have involved methods of generative music, live sampling, instrumental electronics, and immersive performance. Having performed at various festivals and venues in his native California, as well as in various locations around the UK and Europe, his music and sonic art have seen a variety of exposure.


Some of the various venues, festivals and collaborations he has been involved with as a sound artist and performer include the 2010 FILE Festival in Brazil, Bird's Eye View festival at the London ICA, The Boston Cyberarts Festival, the 2006 Maker Fair (both in collaboration with Visual Artist Michael Carter), The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, Sonic Arts Network Festival 2007 and 2009, The Shunt Lounge, the 2007 Shoreditch Festival, and the 2007 Foldback Festival, The Green Room in Manchester (in collaboration with performance artist Maya Zbib), Premio Vallcellina Textile exhibition in Maniago, Italy, as well as many others.


Jeremy has also provided technical artistic work for Matt Lewis' Helicopter, as shown at the London Brazilian Embassy, as well as functional installation work for the Tate Britain.


His current line of exploration involves the development of new strategies in the fields of live electronics performance, studio practice, and sound based generative artworks.


He is a current Mphil/PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College, London. Jeremy Keenan is of no (known) relation to the anthropologist of the same name.