Alex Fisher

Alexandre Didierjean aka Alex Fisher grew up in the south of France. He started his career as a musician by playing in various rock and jazz formations, playing guitar, bass guitar and percussion.

In 2001 Alex moved to London and began djing under the DJ Juan pseudonym, playing progressive and click house through to break core. Since 2004 Alex has adopted the Alex Fisher pseudonym, specializing in tech-house production and live performance. He has developed his signature style of warm often slightly melancholic sounds combined with nervous and twisty beats.

In collaboration with Andi Studer, Alex set up in 2004 und running until end of 2008. This platform for electronic music promoted live events accross London and also released music through its netlabel operations. For Alex acted as sound engineer for the live events and was in charge of the mastering for the recordings.

Alex joined runsounds in January 2009 and we are very excited about having him on board!