8 Channel Audio Programme

In partnership with Call & Response we presents an event of 8-channel immersive audio-works. The dynamic and varied explorations of the nine prolific artists brought together by Call & Response highlights the vibrant and diverse field of contemporary sound art.

The pieces in the exhibition are all specifically created for an 8-channel spatial listening experience. In creating a ‘sound-space’ the pieces all requires an active participation by the listener/audience. The body moving through space becomes central to the listening experience, challenging the notion of listening and hearing as a passive occurrence.

Sarah Boothroyd - All in Time

The clock ticks; the moon waxes; the autumn leaves turn crimson. Time is as ubiquitous as it is elusive. Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself.

Eric La Casa -  Zone Sensible

Exclusively composed from recordings of bees in hives located in the Saint Denis suburb of Paris reveals a chaotic, frenetic microcosm that speaks to the density of these spaces, whilst suggesting to our ears a dance of oscillations – wings beating with boundless energy.

Robert Van Heumen - Fury

The composition ‘Fury’ finds its origin in texts from the Dust Bowl period in the USA. Fury is also about the primitive in man. The hidden part of us that we try very hard to suppress or control, that boils within us and breaks through the surface only under extreme circumstances.

Jeremy Keenan - River Lee Navigation

A work composed with extensively treated recordings from an ill-fated canal boat trip on the Lee Navigation. Both a standard stereo microphone and a homemade hydrophone were used to record the sounds of the water, the boat itself, and the locks.

Matt Lewis - False Fall

The piece invites a rereading of our experience of Hollywood film production and the manipulative processes behind our experience of film. Stripped from their visual associates the sound effects take on a new function, hopefully opening up the ambiguity between notions of causal and reduced listening.

Kaffe Matthews - Yellow

Traces drawn with synthesized tones of yellow light. A generative piece composed in the flat spaces of Marfa, Texas, 2008.

Tom Slater - The Devils Arse

Unlike the objects of visual perception, which generally have physical form, and therefore permanence, the world of sound is fleeting and supports a way of knowing much different than that of vision. In this case of an 18th century man made subterranean world sight is diminished by extremely low light levels and is no longer dominant

Ralph Steinbrüchel - Opaque

Ralph Steinbrüchel produced the audio sculpture ‘Opaque’ for the Taktlos music festival in Berne in 2003. Opaque is a subtle, spatial work consisting of minimal high and low-end frequency synthetic sounds.

Jacob Kirkegaard - Eldjfall

Recordings of subtle volcanic vibrations in the earth around the area of Krisuvik, Geysir and Myvatn in Iceland. These very condensed and rhythmical trembling sounds from inside of the earth were captured using accelerometers (high-sensitive contact microphones).


Sunday, 15 May, 1pm - 6pm

Tickets: FREE ENTRY, admission throughout capacity allowing.

Venue: Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH