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Netaudio Berlin Festival, 8-11 Oct 09

This Autumn we hand over to our German colleagues for the next instalment of the Netaudio Festival. Set over 4 days from 8th - 11th October at the Maria in Berlin, the festival showcases over 80 artists complimented with daytime workshops, lectures and discussions.

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Netaudio London presents panel at FutureEverything

_How are you using the Internet for the creation and consumption of music?_ Together with Sound and Music we host a panel at FutureEverything to present our latest research into current user behaviour and evaluate what's coming next in the field of music facilitated by digital media.

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Netaudio'08 kicks off - photos online now!

Following months of planning and preparations, Netaudio'08 finally got underway yesterday with an opening night session to remember. To get an idea of what you missed - or maybe to remind yourself of wehat went down - please checkout some of the pictures up on Flickr.

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DVD installations

Palme d'Or nominated film maker Pia Borg and experimental audio visual artist Robin Fox are quality assets from the Australian underground.

The dvd installations "Palimpsest" by Borg and "Backscatter" by Fox are a welcome and valued addition to the Netaudio lineup.

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