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Netaudio London 2011 unveiled

Building on our whirlwind of a 4 day festival at Shunt in 2008, it’s with great pleasure that we  can announce Netaudio London 2011.

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London Placard Headphone Festival

Le Placard London has got two headphone sessions this year, one at Cafe OTO on the 20th September and another at Shunt as part of the Netaudio festival on Friday the 24th October with a 3 hour headphone session in the Media Lounge. Bring your own headphones if you want to hear the music.

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Netaudio Taster: 11th April 2008

Netaudio'08 presents its first Taster event on Friday, 11th April 2008. For the occasion we have prepare a special feat of networked creative production

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