Thank you all!


We would like to thank all of those who have supported Netaudio over the course of the year: Netaudio’08 is funded by the Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts and by Shunt. Cenatus Music Projects gratefully acknowledges financial support from the PRS Foundation. The Netaudio Festival is based on a Swiss concept, first showcased in 2005 in Berne, and Netaudio’08 received funding from the Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain.

Particular thanks to Mischa Twitchin for letting us co-curate the week and thanks to Gemma, Andrea, Eleanor, Salvador and all at Shunt for their generous support. Tony at The Wire for his support towards the distribution of the Festival Compilation. To Don, Raimund, Antina, Marcel, Sebastian, Enrico, Julia and Christoph at Netaudio Berlin for cooking artist dinners, running the stall and generally being incredibly helpful. To Rupert and Thor at, Nik at Kahvi,and Alex at Placard for contributing to the great music programme. To Andres and the team at Puppets Wildart, for bringing in the mother and the baby. To Douglas at DACS, and Giles and Simon at Focusrite for contributing towards the Netaudio Market; and to Martin Delaney for bringing in his wealth of music technology knowledge.

A big thank you to all volunteers for decorating Shunt and installing all the technology: Annette, Carol, Joanne, Marta, Djamila, Dinam, Ramon, Alex, Brad, Dave E and Dimitris. To Sammy D, Stefan, Wil, Valerie and Sarah for offering accommodation to festival artists, the latter also for organising the Sunday after party. Thanks to Patricia for her video work, to Alex for stage management and to Wendy and Julia at the hub for project mentoring and for letting us use their office. Further, thanks to Sim, Eugene, Magda, Shoko, Fréya and Robert for documenting the festival with their cameras. And, of course, to all artists and active participants – your creativity is what Netaudio is all about!

Andi, Chris, Dimitris, Hanna, Jon, Matt & Nina X

We would like to thank all of those who have supported Netaudio over the course of the year…