Netaudio Taster: 21st - 23rd May 2008


As part of the Shunt programme Netaudio London have kindly been asked to produce a small taster for the festival later on this year. As well as dj and live sets from the Netaudio08 resident artists we will also be presenting our special feat of networked creative production: the Netaudio Ping Pong, partly music performance partly a game for everyone to join in. The Ping Pong is based on “run-around” table tennis, but it isn’t a ball game. Instead players can lay their hands on some cutting edge technology and produce some wicked beats.

The Netaudio Ping Pong is performed in sessions of 30mins with members of the audience being invited to take part. They can book their places and also submit their own samples, loops and sounds prior to the event. More info on the programme will be coming very soon but if you are interested in taking part in the Netaudio Ping Pong sessions drop us an to find out more.

For the full Shunt programme please visit

What: Interactive live performance / installation
When: Wed 21st – Fri 23rd May, from 6pm
Artists: members of audience taking part in Netaudio Ping Pong
Venue: Shunt, Joiner St entrance, London Bridge, SE1 9RL
Cost: £5 (Wed & Thu) £10 (Fri)

Netaudio’08 presents the next Netaudio Taster event session at Shunt. For 3 nights in May we will be producing the Ping Pong performance-installation – ready for you to join