Netaudio Ping Pong - first pictures


To give you a taster of the upcoming Netaudio festival, we hit the road with our Netaudio Ping Pong. After a premiere at the Korsan in Shoreditch, we headed of to Manchester where we presented the game as part of Futuresonic EVNTS. Back in London, we were invited for a weeks residency at Shunt the festival venue for October. Back in the office, we have created a little slideshow with pictures from the first free gigs.

More Ping Pong events are lined up: We will be present at Freerotation, an exclusive festival in Wales in August, visit Berlin in September and possibly have some appearances at some of London’s community festivals. Watch this blog for all details!

At this point thanks to all who contributed sound-material for the games: Mindlobster, Audio Dependent, J-Lab, Alex Fisher and Eoin Furbank! Find links to their work on the right.

Korsan, Shunt and Futuresonic – the Netaudio Ping Pong has finished the first leg of its tour promoting the upcoming festival in Oct 2008. Pictures are now available.