Get a free SoundCloud account!


SoundCloud, festival partner of Netaudio’08 are offering a free account exclusively to Netaudio London mailing list subscribers!

SoundCloud is a new online audio platform catering to music professionals enabling them to collaborate, promote & distribute their music. Primarily, SoundCloud provides an efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange the music they are working on. Privacy settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release.

With SoundCloud music professionals can easily send & receive large amounts of music without cluttering their email inbox, having to make use of generic file sending services or manage their own web server. For people who deal with music on a regular basis SoundCloud increases efficiency and improves their work flow by allowing them to focus on music and not think about the actual file distribution.

Check out the SoundCloud tour for an overview of all the features.

SoundCloud accounts are currently only available via invite. If you would like to get such an invite, please subscribe to our mailing list before 1st October 2008. We will then send you all necessary details.

SoundCloud, festival partner of Netaudio’08 offers a free account exclusively to Netaudio’08 mailing list subscribers!