The Netaudio 2011 conference strand will bring together theorists, practitioners, activists and academics to address a challenging set of themes in 21st-century culture: politics and protest; creativity and collaboration; digital futures and analogue survivals. 

Within this strand we present the main conference as well as number of specialist workshops. Available places for all events are limited - please check the event detail pages on how to participate.

Event Details

Procedural Audio workshop

A 90 minute high speed tour of making sound effects using Pure Data software, plus a short talk on the future of game and film audio by pioneer of procedural audio Andy Farnell.

iOS apps workshop with RjDj

Following from the PA workshop, interactive music producers Robert Thomas and Joe White from RjDj will be doing a workshop focusing on the process of delivering interactive music projects in mainstream iOS applications.

Soundcloud workshop: Giving the web a voice

SoundCloud is a growing audio platform now with over 4 million users and over 150 connected applications. 


The conference features participants from The Foundation for P2P Alternatives, Mute, The Wire, UK Uncut and a range of art and academic institutions.

Making Waves Workshop

Adam Thomas from independent media non-profit Sourcefabric take participants through the free, open source radio software Airtime